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🇺🇸 Data Protection World Forum – Roundtable: Cloudy horizons with the threat of breaches

Host - Paul Hampton, Senior Product Manager, Thales Speakers : Stewart Room, Partner, Global Head of Data Protection & Cyber Security, DWF Claude-Étienne Armingaud, CIPP/E, Partner - Practice Group Coordinator | Data Protection, Privacy and Security, K&L Gates LLP Ray Walshe, Director and EU Observatory for ICT Standards, Dublin City University Most organisations have felt …
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🇺🇸 PrivSec Global – Global Data Protection and Privacy Law Developments: What Lessons Have Enterprise Organisations Learned from the First Three Years of The GDPR

GDPR fines have been increasing over the last 18 months, and it is proving to be a complex environment for the regulators and the regulated. But GDPR has not led to seismic changes (the possibility of entirely new operating models, for example), but has had a major effect on the ways organizations collect and use …
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🇺🇸 Data Protection House’s Meet & Greet

w/ Kin Matcheu Madjeu, Claude-Etienne Armingaud, Chayemaa Ben, Pierre Ferran, Lloyd Clark Come and meet persons interested in discussing data protection, GDPR, privacy and more. Find a co-host to open new rooms about these topics.