Derniers Évènements passés

🇺🇸 PrivSec Global – Global Data Protection and Privacy Law Developments: What Lessons Have Enterprise Organisations Learned from the First Three Years of The GDPR

GDPR fines have been increasing over the last 18 months, and it is proving to be a complex environment for the regulators and the regulated. But GDPR has not led to seismic changes (the possibility of entirely new operating models, for example), but has had a major effect on the ways organizations collect and use …
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🇺🇸 Data Protection House’s Meet & Greet

w/ Kin Matcheu Madjeu, Claude-Etienne Armingaud, Chayemaa Ben, Pierre Ferran, Lloyd Clark Come and meet persons interested in discussing data protection, GDPR, privacy and more. Find a co-host to open new rooms about these topics.

🇫🇷 La Priv’Happy Hour – Assistants vocaux, IA & RGPD

w/ Claude-Etienne Armingaud, Charles Bouthier, Anaïs Person, Maria Lancri, Jade Charlotte Caboche, Noshin Khan, Charles Thomasse, Kin Matcheu Madjeu, Vanessa Lerke Les nouvelles lignes directrices sur les Assistants Vocaux ont été publiées et ouvrent la voie a une régulation de l'IA - parlons-en et trinquons à la santé du Comité EU à la Protection des …
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