Areas of expertise

My practice focuses on the representation of public and private companies in the area of information technologies and intellectual property law. I provide counsel to clients at all stages of their corporate life cycle and in wide-ranging transactions, including in connection with litigation compliance matters, intellectual property protection and development, data protection strategic operations, and other commercial contracts.

Data Protection Expertise

I advise clients active in the digital industries, with a particular interest in innovative services and notably Fintech and blockchain-based services, connected cars and automotive sector, data optimization and valuation, notably in the IoT sector.

I have notably been involved in the connected car ecosystem, on R&D projects relating to experimentation of autonomous cars, partnership agreements for the development of in-car connected services and the assistance of value-added service startups for the negotiation of the CNIL/French Data Protection Authority’s compliance package for the connected vehicles. I am a regular speaker about the legal aspects pertaining to the connected car, notably at the Connected Car Conference in Paris and the Connected Mobility Conference in Lille.

I also assist clients with their General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) compliance process, including risk analysis and contractual implementation of data processing services.

I am a Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe (“CIPP/E”) by the International Association of Privacy Practitioners.

Start-up Experience

I regularly advise start-up companies in matters relating to securing their intellectual property, be it from in-house or external providers or employees, as well as securing their process from the start to ensure a streamlined evolution towards more advanced stages of growth.

Innovative Services Experience

I have extensive experience in understanding technological and structural processes, which allow for innovative approaches to solidify my client’s business models and protect their immaterial assets. This ranges from client and prospect data optimization to enforcing their intellectual properties. I regularly assist service and content providers on both their front and back office matters.

Global Approach

My legal experience is anchored on both a French civil law practice and American common law training. I provide my clients with a multicultural approach to their needs, be it for American entities doing business in continental Europe as well as European companies looking to expand their reach.

With this global approach, I regularly assist my clients in litigation and regulatory matters at French, European, and international levels on:

  • e-commerce & trust services;
  • media & content distribution;
  • privacy & consumer protection;
  • defamation & online reputation;
  • internal & external fraud;
  • counterfeiting & IP infringement;
  • internet liability;
  • export control & e-discovery;
  • antitrust & unfair competition;
  • advertising, betting & gaming.

Ma pratique se concentre sur la représentation de sociétés dans le domaine des technologies de l’information et du droit de la propriété intellectuelle, quel que soit leur stade d’évolution et dans différents types de transactions (contentieux, protection et le développement de propriété intellectuelle, mise en place opérationnelle de stratégie d’optimisation des données personnelles, transactions commerciales…)

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