35th EDPB Meeting

July 22nd, 2020 | Posted by Claude-Etienne Armingaud in Data Transfer | Privacy
  1. Adoption of the minutes and of the agenda
    1. Minutes of the 34th EDPB meeting
    2. Draft agenda of the 35th EDPB meeting
  2. Current Focus of the EDPB Members
    1. Decision-making under Art. 65 GDPR
  3. FOR DISCUSSION AND/OR ADOPTION – Expert Subgroups and Secretariat
    1. International Transfers ESG
      1. Impact of Brexit on BCRs and management of ICO-led BCRs
    2. RoP drafting team
      1. Transparency of EDPB minutes
    3. Secretariat
      1. Legal studies
  4. Any other business

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