Political groups demand ‘responsibilities’ over Parliament’s data leak

June 10th, 2024 | Posted by Claude-Etienne Armingaud in Data Breach | Europe | Interview | Privacy

Four political groups have sent letters to the European Parliament President asking for further details, action, and “responsibilities” related to a recent data breach that affected a significant amount of employees’ personal data, including passports.

The fact that the communication came in waves could indicate that “they were overly cautious and wanted to be a step ahead in terms of informing the data subject and be transparent,” said Claude-Etienne Armingaud, a partner at law firm K&L Gates who focuses on privacy and tech law.

The lawyer identified four potential points of failure which, if confirmed, could justify possible action from the data protection authority: a lapse in security, an unjustified amount of data being collected or for an unjustified amount of time, or an incomplete communication to the data subject.

As this is a high-profile case, it is likely to be followed up by the EDPS, Armingaud said.

Read the full article on Euractiv.

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