Areas of expertise

My practice focuses on the representation of public and private companies in the area of information technologies and intellectual property law. I provide counsel to clients at all stages of their corporate life cycle and in wide-ranging transactions, including in connection with litigation compliance matters, intellectual property protection and development, data protection strategic operations, and other commercial contracts.

Data Protection Expertise

I advise clients active in the digital industries, with a particular interest in innovative services and notably Fintech and blockchain-based services, connected cars and automotive sector, data optimization and valuation, notably in the IoT sector.

I have notably been involved in the connected car ecosystem, on R&D projects relating to experimentation of autonomous cars, partnership agreements for the development of in-car connected services and the assistance of value-added service startups for the negotiation of the CNIL/French Data Protection Authority’s compliance package for the connected vehicles. I am a regular speaker about the legal aspects pertaining to the connected car, notably at the Connected Car Conference in Paris and the Connected Mobility Conference in Lille.

I also assist clients with their General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) compliance process, including risk analysis and contractual implementation of data processing services.

I am a Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe (“CIPP/E”) by the International Association of Privacy Practitioners.

Start-up Experience

I regularly advise start-up companies in matters relating to securing their intellectual property, be it from in-house or external providers or employees, as well as securing their process from the start to ensure a streamlined evolution towards more advanced stages of growth.

Innovative Services Experience

I have extensive experience in understanding technological and structural processes, which allow for innovative approaches to solidify my client’s business models and protect their immaterial assets. This ranges from client and prospect data optimization to enforcing their intellectual properties. I regularly assist service and content providers on both their front and back office matters.

Global Approach

My legal experience is anchored on both a French civil law practice and American common law training. I provide my clients with a multicultural approach to their needs, be it for American entities doing business in continental Europe as well as European companies looking to expand their reach.

With this global approach, I regularly assist my clients in litigation and regulatory matters at French, European, and international levels on:

  • e-commerce & trust services;
  • media & content distribution;
  • privacy & consumer protection;
  • defamation & online reputation;
  • internal & external fraud;
  • counterfeiting & IP infringement;
  • internet liability;
  • export control & e-discovery;
  • antitrust & unfair competition;
  • advertising, betting & gaming.

Professional Experience With K&L Gates


  • Assisted a US-based international systems integrator and developer of PC security software, with offices in the United States and the European Union with the implementation of cryptographic services under French law and the notifications of cryptographic services to the French ANSSI.

Data Protection, Privacy (GDPR)

  • Assisted a US-based private investment group in an M&A transaction and coordinated global GDPR due diligence operations for Buyer including advising on remediation steps and assisting in drafting and negotiation of the relevant representations and warranties, for acquired company’s personnel located in Germany, the Netherlands and Czech Republic.
  • Currently representing a US-based international systems integrator and developer of PC security and anti-malware software products and services, in its proceedings against a competitor in litigation pertaining to the classification of their software programs as Potentially Unwanted Programs in an attempt to disparage its services.
  • Assisting an international whistleblowing hotline provider in the deployment of its activities in Europe, notably with regard to GDPR and data protection aspects relating to the management of its HR workforce in France, as well as the implementation of GDPR-compliant data processing agreements and process.
    Assisting an international direct online marketing company in addressing an information request from the French Data Protection (CNIL) relating to the company’s use of a tracking pixel in email correspondence with its users.
  • Assisted a French consulting company specialized in financial investments in the implementation of a securitization program of student housing receivables, and notably GDPR compliance issues relating to the transfer of the personal data included in the transferred debts.
  • Assisted several clients on the data protection implications under the GDPR of a personal data transfer from the client’s European entity to its US entity, in view of a potential discovery procedure under the US laws further to an M&A transaction, and implemented the required safeguards to allow such discovery process, notably through the information of current and past employees affected by the process and contractual mechanisms.
  • Assisted (i) a publicly-owned asset management holding company based in the United States and (ii) several Australian based insurance companies in the assessment of their respective exposures to GDPR and notably technical aspects relating to its territorial applicability.
  • Assisting a large spectrum of non-EU clients with their GDPR compliance process, ranging from the complete due diligence of their data flows (“data mapping”) allowing for an exhaustive assessment of their compliance status to date (“gap assessment”), to day-to-day services for the implementation of revised model documentations, both internal (training, education) and contractual (with customers, service providers, end users).
  • Regularly assisting a leading university in data protection issues in relation with the development of artificial-intelligence solution, notably with regard to retention of personal data, anonymization of personal data and territorial scope of the GDPR.

Information Technology

  • Assisted an Italian software house for the negotiation of a consulting services provision agreement relating to a third party software regulated under French law.
  • Assisting an international non-profit organization in the renegotiation of its relationship with an ERP solution integrator further to issues arising in the deployment of the project.
  • Assisting a mechanical sport broadcaster in the implementation of its Over-The-Top (“OTT”) subscription services aiming at broadcasting sporting events on an online platform, including assessing the requirements for sponsorship and advertisement for tobacco and alcohol products in key jurisdictions (notably France with regard to the Evin Act).

Connected Mobility

  • Assisted a global leader in automotive tires in the implementation of innovative mobility services (e.g. “tire-as-a-service”, short-cycle bike rentals for enterprises customers, etc.)
  • Assisted several players of the connected automotive industry, including a car leasing company and several startups providing Bluetooth-enabled dongles on the OBD port , in approaching the French Data Protection Authority (“CNIL”) in order to amend the draft compliance package prepared by the French Data Protection Authority.
  • Assisted a leading French utilities providers in the implementation of its smartcity data hub for a connected city project in France.
  • Assisted a leading highway infrastructure operator on large range of issues related to new mobility trends, including day to day assistance on transactional aspects of highly innovative projects pertaining to electric vehicles, connected car and driverless transportation, research and development, consortiums with public and private stakeholders of the transportation sectors, within various European initiatives (C-ROADS, SCOOP, CINC) as well as the drafting and negotiation of a partnership agreement with a car manufacturer in order to experiment in real traffic conditions autonomous driving, including the crossing of toll booth and management of roadworks and accidents.

Intellectual Property

  • Assisted a leading manufacturer of air-soft replica gun in the termination of license agreements with its licensors and the aftermath of such termination for the distribution of its inventory.
  • Assisted a group specializing in the manufacture of small and large series of pieces of jewelery established in the prestigious Place Vendôme in:
    • the deployment of their international operations – the establishment of commercial agent, trademark registrations and dress patents in 40 countries.
    • the redesign of its customer and supplier contracts. Our assistance includes the upstream securing of the client’s intellectual property rights and downstream, its know-how in the context of computer-assisted production management.
  • Assisted a leading eyewear and security sport gear manufacturer in the implementation and management of customs seizure of infringing products on the European market.
  • Assisted a German company in pending litigation in relation with numerous patents acquired by our client, further to the assignor of such patents acting in bad faith and having assigned its patents twice to two subsequent assignees.
  • Assisted leading children book publisher in the implementation of an street-art exhibition for children, including the licensing of the underlying IP rights on the characters’ likeness, as well as an assignment of the resulting derivative IP in order to secure the exploitation rights for the publishers, and use of the resulting IP for charity purposes.
  • Represented Hyundai in several proceedings against French and EU grey market dealers, offering Hyundai vehicles for sale, which were not destined to the EU market (unlawful parallel imports), in infringement of Hyundai’s trademark rights.
  • Currently representing LG Hausys, a manufacturer of industrial material, in the aftermath of the termination of a distribution agreement in France and infringement litigation further to the continued unauthorized use of its trademark by former licensee.
  • Represented the new venture behind the creative team of the Colette concept store, Nous Concept, in the defense of their trademarks against (i) a pottery and culinary art store owning a similar trademark and (ii) a German company owning a similar trademark in approaching services.
  • Represented Priska Pasquer, a German gallery, which is internationally renowned notably for the distribution of photographic works in the defense of an action before the French court initiated by a French photographer, alleging that one of the photographs of this artist exhibited by our client infringed his copyright.


  • Assisted a leading French health and cosmetics laboratory with the implementation of a startup acceleration program at Station F, aiming at devising new oncology diagnostic procedure and technology, including drafting and negotiating the acceleration agreement with the selected startup (cross IP licensing and assignment, ownership of project-related data in a post-GDPR environment), as well as drafting and negotiating the terms of the partnership with the corporate sponsors that would be hosting the startups.
  • Assisting a French start-up which developed a solution to secure the protection of personal data when using services offered by third parties, notably for advertising purposes, in the support of the demonstration before the French Data Protection that such solution may considered as « anonymous » processing, under GDPR and its exchange with the French Data Protection Authority.
  • Assisted the world largest startup accelerator in implementing its activities in the Middle East and the UAE area.
  • Currently assisting a French startup specialized in interior design catering to the Chinese market, including the creation of the corporate structure, the protection of the intangible assets of the client, including trademark protection in Europe and China as well as the implementation of the contractual relationships with suppliers and customers, through non-disclosure agreement, service provision and IP right assignments on a day-to-day basis.

Corporate Assistance

  • Advised Riverside Europe Partners, a global private equity firm focused on making control and non-control investments in growing businesses, on IP aspects, in the sale of HRA Pharma to Astorg and Goldman Sachs (February 2016 – LJA n°295, February 24, 2016)
  • Advised the Orliman Group, an orthopedic product manufacturer controlled by the Riverside Co., on IP/IT/Privacy aspects, in the acquisition of the SM Europe Group, a leading designer, developer and distributor of non-invasive therapeutic braces (December 2014)
  • Advised Microsoft Corp. on IP/IT/Privacy aspects, in the acquisition of SyntaxTree, a French software publisher that created the UnityVS plugin for Visual Studio, for the integration between Visual Studio and the Unity gaming engine used by more than two million game developers worldwide (July 2014)
  • Advised Microsoft Corp. on IP/IT/Privacy aspects, in the acquisition of Capptain, a French software publishing start-up in multi-platform mobile and web analytics and CRM (June 2014 – LJA n°1169, July 7, 2014)
    • Advised 3D Systems Europe Ltd, a subsidiary of 3D Systems Corp., on IP/IT/Privacy aspects, in its majority share acquisition of Phenix System, a company specialized in the design design, manufacture and sales of proprietary direct metal 3D printers that can print chemically pure fully dense metal and ceramic parts from very fine powders with the granularity of 6 to 9 microns (July 2013 – LJA n°1124, July 22, 2013)

With Morgan Lewis & Bockius

  • Conseil de la société Accel Partners, fonds américain spécialisé dans les secteurs high tech sur les aspects IP/IT/Privacy, à l’occasion de sa prise de participation minoritaire de la société, n°2 européen de la vente privée en ligne. L’investissement représente un montant de 37 millions d’euros (Septembre 2010 – Le Monde du Droit)
  • Conseil de la société Decitre, chaîne de librairies implantée en Rhône-Alpes, sur les aspects IP/IT/Privacy, dans le cadre de son partenariat avec RueDuCommerce, portant sur la vente de livres en ligne, afin qu’elle devienne le fournisseur privilégié de RueDuCommerce et gère le référencement, le catalogue, l’approvisionnement et la gestion des stocks pour RueDuCommerce. (LJA n°950 du 16 novembre 2009 – Recrulex)
  • Conseil de des sociétés Partech International Partners, Wellington Partners, et Elaia Partners, sur les aspects IP/IT/Privacy, dans le cadre de leur prise de participation à hauteur de €12.2 millions dans Goom Radio (Mai 2009 – )

Professional Experience


  • New York Bar Exam (2006) | Barreau de Paris (2007)
  • Cornell University Law School | LLM (2005)
  • Université Paris X Nanterre

   Mémoire : A la recherche de la preuve numérique.

  • Maîtrise de Droit Public (2003)

    Mémoire : La part nécessaire de l’autorégulation sur Internet.

  • Licence Langue et Civilisation Etrangères | Anglais (2003)
  • BiDeug Droit Anglais (2000)