APCO Worldwide roundtable: “Intellectual property, innovation and protection”

mars 22nd, 2018 | Posted by Claude-Etienne Armingaud in Conférence

Kim Gagné, Executive Director of the European Cloud Alliance, moderated a roundtable discussion on “Intellectual property, innovation and protection”, hosted by APCO Worldwide. He spoke about the impact of the digital revolution on intellectual property risks, alongside Michel Vivant, Head of Innovation Law Specialty at Sciences Po Paris, Claude Etienne Armingaud, Partner at K&L Gates law firm, and Nicolas Schifano, Assistant General Counsel at Microsoft.

Kim Gagné highlighted that companies are more than ever relying on cloud services, as their innovations become increasingly based on software. In such an era of digital transformation, the European Cloud Alliance’s mission is to raise understanding of how the cloud is changing the way stakeholders protect intellectual property rights and prevent risks. Kim Gagné insisted on the importance of adapting business strategies, especially for companies delivering software-based products and services, so as to continue innovating while ensuring the protection of their rights.

The European Cloud Alliance is fully committed to raising awareness on the need for better protection against novel IP risks, as they pursue their transformation towards a digitalized economy.

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