39th EDPB Meeting

octobre 8th, 2020 | Posted by Claude-Etienne Armingaud in Données Personnelles | Europe
  1. Consistency mechanism, Guidelines and EDPB RoP
    1. Art. 64 GDPR Opinion on the guarantees to be included in contractual clauses for transfers by a processor toa controller outside the EEA that is subject to GDPR in accordance with its Art. 3.2 (Art. 46.3 (a) GDPR)
  2. Adoption of the minutes and of the agenda, Information given by the Chair
    1. Minutes of the 38th EDPB meeting
    2. Draft agenda of the 39th EDPB meeting
    3. Update on the EDPB Secretariat
    4. Date of (remote) November plenary meeting
  3. Current Focus of the EDPB Members
    1. Pending Art. 65 procedure
    2. International cooperation – GPA – Application Executive Committee
  4. Consistency mechanism, Guidelines and EDPB RoP
    1. Guidelines 09/2020 on the concept of relevant and reasoned objection
    2. EDPB RoP: Amendment to Art. 11.2 RoP
  5. FOR DISCUSSION AND/OR ADOPTION – Expert Subgroups and Secretariat
    1. Cooperation ESG Working group on Brexit-related matters
  6. Any other business

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