37th EDPB Meeting

September 2nd, 2020 | Posted by Claude-Etienne Armingaud in Privacy
  1. Adoption of the minutes and of the agenda, Information given by the Chair
    1. Minutes of the 36th EDPB meeting
    2. Draft agenda of the 37th EDPB meeting
    3. Appointment of Mr. Pasquale Stanzione, new president of the Italian DPA
    4. Exchange of views with the LIBE Committee on the recent CJEU Schrems II judgment
  2. Current Focus of the EDPB Members
    1. 101 lodged complaints in the context of the CJEU Schrems II judgement
    2. Schrems II: next steps and follow-up on guidance on supplementary measures
    3. e-Privacy Regulation and the role of the EDPB
    4. Update by the European Commission
  3. FOR DISCUSSION AND/OR ADOPTION – Expert Subgroups and Secretariat
    1. Key Provision ESG
      Guidelines on the concept of controller and processor in the GDPR
    2. Social Media ESG
      Guidelines on the targeting of social media users
    3. RoP Drafting Team
      Transparency of EDPB minutes
    4. Strategic Advisory ESG
      1. EDPB strategic plan: draft paper and possible seminar
    1. Secretariat
      1. Art. 65 procedure
      2. Legal studies
  4. Any other business

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