Legal English – Midterm Exam

Welcome, students!

Read this message first.

This is the midterm exam, and hopefully it should encompass the material we discussed over the previous sessions.This test should represent 75 minutes, allowing us to go over its correction during the following 45 minutes and includes:

  • Multiple choice questions — be careful, just like a driving test, some questions may include more than one correct answer! But there is always at least one proper answer.
  • « Essay » questions — they will call on your English drafting abilities and dig deeper over the preceding questions. Some may also have nothing to do with legal aspects and are just pure language testing. In any case, the answers should generally not be more than a couple (3 to 7) of sentence long.

Camera on for everybody. Trust does not exclude control and I know the younger generation is very well-versed in Google-fu. No camera will result in a failing grade to the midterm exam.

Oh, also, all questions need at least one answer.

  • Valid answer(s) count for 1pt.
  • Wrong answer(s) count for -1pt. Each. So choose wisely!
  • Essay points will vary from 0 to 5, depending on relevancy of the answer and correctness of the English language used.

From the moment I give you the password to the test, the 75 minutes will start. Press the « All Good, Send » button on or before the end of the allotted time. I’ll receive your answer directly by email (I may allow an extra minute or two), and you should have the results to the non-essay question straight up.

You may only submit the test one, so don’t mess up.

Grading will then be streamlined over a bell curve representation to assign individual grading.

Good luck!

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All set?